I love picking the colors and seeing the picture come together piece by piece. There are mindfulness coloring books available that have more sophisticated drawings or positive affirmations. One way I would often decompress after work is by having a commute call with my friends. We spend the first few minutes talking about work, then move on to other subjects. Whether by learning a new skill or language or exploring a new subject, reading opens your mind and world.

how to destress after work

Then when you step into the aircon, the rapid drop in temperature will stimulate a reversal of that process – with blood rushing from your extremities to your vital organs. If this task sounds daunting or you don’t have a good relationship with your boss, consider reaching out to someone in your company’s human resources department (if available). They can help you navigate the conversation and offer troubleshooting tips.

Leisure Time

Use these tips and tricks to help you “leave work at work” and relax after a stressful day. Another option, which has been shown to calm us down by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, is doing some deep breathing exercises. There are many online guides to deep breathing, but here is a brief description of how it is commonly done. Start by sitting as comfortably as possible, with your back supported.

  • That’s why the less active we are, the more challenged we are when dealing with physical and emotional stress.
  • You may know which issues are better discussed when you and your spouse are rested, but do you use that level of judgement when you are completely exhausted by your work-day?
  • I think we can all agree that certain people in our lives always make us feel better, whether they do it through listening skills, humor, sage advice, or just by their presence.
  • Complaining about work to a loved one is a common pastime of people with stressful jobs.
  • It can curl up inside you and grow like a Chia Pet until all the sprouts have grown out of control.
  • Among the many benefits of physical activity is its ability to reduce stress and make us feel good.

Exercising when you leave the office is an excellent way to feel good. Among the many benefits of physical activity is its ability to reduce stress and make us feel good. According to this article from National Association for Continence, people who focus on seeking pleasure at the moment are happier than those who are focused on the past. And those that take the time to notice more of the small things and enjoy the simple pleasures of life are happier and often more productive. And one great way to do this is to learn to live in the present moment. And when you are home spending quality time with your family, enjoy it to the fullest and be present.

Staying out of the office gossip mill

If I’m not online in the evening, then I’m thinking about what I’m missing. To make matters worse, once you get home, you may face a hungry family, homework completion to supervise, children’s sporting events or music lessons, housework, and family events. Unfortunately, my Fitbit tells me that doing dishes doesn’t meet my daily cardio requirement. Simple tools for a healthier life delivered straight to your inbox every week. Slow down your breathing, tune in to your body, and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest state.

In the evenings, you can spend time completing the project and decompress at the same time. For three young professionals busy with our new jobs, my friends and I hardly had time to catch up. It just so happened that we were all driving home or logging off at around the same time. If you’re reading fiction, you can become immersed in another world, rooting for the main character facing the story’s antagonist. If reading seems like a disguise for more work, you may be wondering how to unwind after work with a book.

Step #4: Give yourself a sleep edge

Transitioning to home-life after a stressful day at work can present challenges for even the best of relationships. Stresses may include long commutes, disgruntled coworkers, overbearing bosses, and just plain mental fatigue. Fill up your cup, slow down, and take a break from the fast pace of life with this 15-minute practice. If you want how to destress after work to keep it simple, breathe in for the count of four and breathe out for the count of four. While sustainable job performance requires us to thrive at work, only 32% of employees across the globe say they’re thriving. Those who feel tense or stressed out during the workday are more than three times as likely to seek employment elsewhere.

how to destress after work

Evolutionary psychologists have explained how certain physical changes occur when we are feeling threatened, whether the threat is due to traffic jams, or being chased by a stray dog. These changes include increased heart rate, breathing more heavily, constricted blood vessels, and higher blood pressure. They have contributed to our chances of survival over time because they ready us for the “fight or flight response”. Historically, when human lives were threatened by wild animals or other angry humans, they had to be ready to either fight for survival or run away.

Ideally, the exercise would be outdoors, as there is evidence that nature has a calming effect upon us. We are more likely to clear our minds and focus on the natural surroundings. Realistically, living in the https://ecosoberhouse.com/ Chicago area, few of us enjoy walking outdoors when the temperatures drop to the teens or the wind chill reaches the single digits. Running in place, jumping rope, or doing sit-ups are indoor possibilities.

  • “They can make magical seasonal displays on mantlepieces and centerpieces on dining tables,” she says.
  • Picking up a hobby that you can do during the week is an awesome way to unwind after work.
  • When I run, all the pent-up tension and frustration comes out with each stride.
  • We spend the first few minutes talking about work, then move on to other subjects.
  • For the majority of us, we’re at work for a minimum of eight hours every day.
  • Try to set aside quiet time to talk with your manager and calmly discuss feeling overwhelmed by challenging tasks.