Community Projects

Raised: $60.00 $298,000.00

One project, many lives changed

Often the best way to impact a poor child's life is to better their entire community. Generous donations enable life-changing projects to take root. These poverty relief projects make real and tangible improvements in the lives of sponsored children and their community. Community improvement projects include:

  • Clean water sources: Central tube wells are a dependable, time-saving and safe way for families to meet their daily needs.
  • Medical and dental clinics: Impoverished families can have a place to turn when they are sick or injured.
  • Micro-enterprise support: Start-up funds may be all an ambitious person needs to get a sustaining home business off the ground.
  • Community centers: These central buildings provide a location for people to learn, connect and belong.
  • Playgrounds: Kids can be kids on one of Children International's playgrounds. Safe and fun play is a great way to encourage a child's growth and self-esteem.

Donate to a life-changing community project today.