Advocate Center

“What is an advocate?” The answer – YOU

A Victory Foundation Programme advocate is anyone who uses their voice to encourage others to help poor children, youths, poor widows and destitute. Think of the Advocate Center as your toolbox in the struggle against poverty. Your involvement will improve the lives of impoverished children, youth, widows and destitute. Use these opportunity to recruit sponsors, give a presentation, create a community of like-minded people, foster networks of people to tackle large projects, raise funds for campaigns, and more!

The power to make a difference is in your hands. Click on the links to the right to donate and this can help you maximize the impact you can have on children’s lives.

One of the most effective ways to bring hope and change to as many children as possible is to give a presentation to a group of people you think might be interested in getting involved. Here you’ll find speech templates, real-life testimonials, posters and other materials you need to give a successful presentation.

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